We Are Fitness is a fully equipped CrossFit and Program Specific training facility. Which means, all of the training done here is prescribed and monitored by a team of qualified and knowledgable coaches, focused on getting you results. 

CrossFit is a fitness philosophy designed to develop a state of general physical preparedness; training your body to handle whatever life throws at it. Our trainer-led group classes can be easily scaled to accommodate all fitness levels, and with regular attendance they will have you feeling, moving and looking better than you ever believed possible. To learn more about the growing "sport of fitness" visit our What is CrossFit? section or check out our WOD Board

Our program specific offerings are custom-tailored to individuals looking to excel in a specific sport, rehab an injury, increase strength, or change their physical appearance. We treat every member that comes in our doors as an athlete, providing them with a workout regimen designed around their specific needs and goals. Members of We Are Fitness will always have access to a trainer on the gym floor who will monitor their efforts and provide assistance and correction when needed. To learn more, visit our Programs section.

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